Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Working 9 to 5

Ah the life of an admin. I am sure I know exactly what your thinking. Its an easy job. I mean what do we do? Make coffee, copy a few things here and there. Answer phones. Fax. We are the office gossip. We know whats going on with Sue in accounting and who is sleeping with Brad in IT. On occasion we run errands, that may or may not include picking up our bosses dry cleaning before making reservations for his lunch, and sending flowers to his wife who just recovered from something or another.  And other than sitting there and looking good, you probably find yourself wondering, does she actually do work? Other than pretending to look busy?  I mean how hard could this really truly be right? Anyone could do it.

And maybe you are right. I know what I do on a daily basis isn't rocket science. It doesn't require a fancy degree either. Perhaps your even right about the whole at times being really good at looking busy. Because yes, there are times when we aren't exactly busy for the full eight hours of the work day. Then again I am guessing the same could be said about you, or that Engineer sitting across the way from you.

But there are those days-like this one in particular-when perhaps you would be finding yourself re-evaluating the whole being an admin thing. Re-evaluating the entire value of people like us. Because yes while we do make coffee, and we usually do know more about whats going on around the office at the same time, those copies that need to be made? Turns out those copies are more like 1,000 pages, and it needs to be put in binders, color coded, and they need four of them.

In three hours.

That coffee that needs to be made? Well its for five manager and they each want it their own way, and pipping hot...except for one, who hates its pipping hot, but likes it room temp and wants it refreshed every half hour.

And what is the status of the copies??

Then while your busy trying to make all those copies, keep the coffee coming and answer your bosses phone, the receptionist out front decides to get sick and while it technically not your job you know your the backup, and so you become receptionist, as well as admin, coffee maker and copy girl. As you answer a phone, the Engineer that sits across from you needs something faxed but of course they don't know how to fax..and when they read the instructions-clearly labeled above the machine-they get pissed when a confirmation doesn't spit out within ten seconds. The papers out. And they don't know how to feed it. And so you get up, knowing full well that just last week this very Engineer was the same one for slamming you for still going through school, meaning no you don't have a degree-a point made clear-and help the Engineer. Because yes, someone has to do it.

And somehow you manage to still find the time to make those copies, bind them color code them and send them off to the manager. With ten minutes to spare. You change the copy machines ink-without getting ink all over you.-refill the paper. Stock the kitchen, and reload the supply cabinet.

Yes maybe you should re-evaluate after all.
That is unless you want to fill the copy machine?

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