Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Because its the cup

The finals begin tonight....the official official finals. The LA Kings vs. the NJ Devils. And I am sitting here not watching it.

For a hockey nut like I, you would expect I should be. But I am not. I don't know. Its not that I don't care about who wins, its just. Well it has been exceptionally nice not having to worry, or care...its been so nice not have to really been into it. Its been nice to have my husband back. And to watch tv, that doesn't revolve around the ice. Or a stick.

So instead of watching the game, I am sitting here watching So You Think You Can Dance. A summer guilty pleasure. Currently two fabulous gay dancers who are pretty much taking over the show. Even if they don't make it past the auditions I have to say they are quite entertaining.  And I am reading to my son, and playing Batman and Robin and doing things that half the time hockey gets in the way....

I am sure somewhere along the seven game series I will turn it on, after all, its hockey. Its the cup and how could I ignore it. Not to mention, I don't think the husband would exactly let me go throughout the series without one game on the TV.

But for tonight.

Its all about the dancing. And hockey can wait.

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