Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joining the Iphone generation

Well its official. We have gone to the dark side my friends. That's right Anderson and I have caved into the temptation and finally gotten ourselves the so coveted Iphone's we have been patiently waiting for since they were first announced on Verizon.


It only took a year and a half in the making. Of course the last time we were able to upgrade our phones, Apple had yet to partner with the cell phone service and so we had to make due with an Android. Not that we minded, because we were just happy to get the smartphone finally. Shortly after they announced and the whole network went crazy. And yet we waited, patiently. We counted down the months, and I mean we literally did, because while the whole Android thing was great, it was no Iphone. Lets be honest. And when you are an Apple product family, it sort of killed us. OK, killed my husband more specifically since he is the Apple guru, have to have it right this minute sort of guy.

And at last, I  got the notice we were eligible.  And the very first opurtunity we got, we took it. My wallet didn't thank me that's for sure.

But its kind of funny. Holding that sought after product in my hands. It was like I had finally become a big girl. Yes, just as many females talk of those big girl purses, I view this phone as my own big girl gadget. Its as if I have graduated somehow and I am part of the in crowd.

Lets just hope this crowd, treats me a hell of a lot better than those in crowders did back in high school.

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eslachtdermai said...

I felt the same way when I got mine in February. I would never turn back to Android either. You'll love it!!!