Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here's to all you hairbrush singers...

I admit it I love to sing. Country, Pop, Broadway, you name it and I love to belt it out. It was a source of endless amount of entertainment growing up with my sisters. We would put on shows in the living room-to which amused our neighbors. We had 'singing' competitions in the backseat of our car while we waited for our mom, who was in some sort of boring store or another-back then apparently leaving a child in a car with their big sis was socially acceptable-and considering my sister was in the theater program it was not unheard of that we attended show after show, at high school productions here and there. Yes that's right singing has apparently been a long family tradition.
Except for the simple fact that I can not without a doubt, carry a tune. Yeah somehow that trait did not get passed down to me. Perhaps I am still little bitter about this. These days while I can't carry a tune I have discovered I am pretty gifted when it comes to belting it out with a hair brush. Lip Sync style that is.

And just like any Thursday night regular Karaoke singer, I too have my favorite songs. Songs that no matter where they are being played whether it is on my Ipod, at work or on some random speaker at the grocery store I have to stop grab a pen, a hair brush or whatever small hand held item that is closest to me and belt it out. 

What may my top lip syncing songs? From classics, to recent hits here is the list of songs that pretty much rock when it comes to the whole hair brush lip syncing thing...

Call Me Maybe
Rock Star
I Want it That way
Good Morning Baltimore
Careless Whispers
I can hear the bells
You Belong to Me
Bye Bye Bye
Tom's Diner
Brick House

While I may never win an award for my awesome lip syncing ability it won't stop me from continously trying to find the next great song to belt out to. Sing on my friends sing on.

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Anonymous said...

Great song picks! Careless Whisper is probably my favorite song on the list. :)