Monday, July 16, 2012

The two day ban

Its early Monday morning. And while I am never a fan of it being such, the fact that I am leaving out on a nice long vacation come Wednesday afternoon makes the morning that much more bearable.

That being said, I think there needs to be some sort of law banning work the few days-lets say two-before a vacation. I am pretty sure there won't be getting much work done exactly anyway.  By this point, your focus is not on work-as OK maybe it should be-but rather have I forgotten anything. The last minute run to the store for batteries. The lost charger. Your mind is on cram packing and making sure you have the money you had allotted all worked out. I know it should be on these reports, and the last minute odds and ends that everyone wants you to get done around the office-because all of a sudden they realize you are leaving in two days. Its the final push and you have no desire to do any of it. Its not your fault they decided to wait til the umpteenth hour right? Of course you will do it. Though you may have no remembrance of doing it when you return from your much needed time away.

Yes thats right, the two days before a vacation, no matter what the length is pretty much useless. As it stands I am sitting here in my office, which may or may not be empty trying to not concentrate on the fact this time in 48 hours I will just be about out of here. I am trying to focus on the daily tasks, the report, the meeting I have to go to. The phone calls to make and the people to see. And yet I am failing miserably.

And its not even 9:00.

Screw the fact I came in an hour early, or the fact that I was feeling pretty successful this morning. I had the whole thought of coming in and wiping out all the tasks I was going to get done. Not only the every day weekly thing I get to do. But the challenge of knowing that the boss has decided to push me off to a new group. And instead of waiting til I return they want to somewhat train me before I leave. As if anything that I will be learning will actually stick with me for the week and a half I am gone. I will however smile and pretend that I am not thinking about vacation.

Its the least I can do.

Yes, a two day no work before vacation ban sounds pretty fantabulous right about now and I doubt I would be the only one in full support of this.

I think I will put a talk to HR on my to do-list.

Which all can wait til after I return.

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