Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Go Team

Last Friday night Anderson, little man and myself were finishing up the last evening of vacation. A half a world away the 2012 Olympics were just beginning to get underway. And as much as I wanted to I resisted the urge to stop what we were doing, rush back to the hotel and watch the opening ceremonies. I do admit to DVRing it.

To think there was a day, not so long ago when the world and the games was not at our fingertips.

I came back home from my wonderful week and a half vacation and immediately turned on the games. Normally I am not the hugest sports junkie. I don't spend hours upon hours in front of my TV on Sundays watching football, I couldn't name but maybe five basketball players, ok ten come to think about it. I find gold boring. Sure I love me some hockey, and baseball in classic. But when it comes down to it I could really care less about most everything else.

Yet there is something about the Olympics that makes me turn into a need to see every moment, of every event junkie. At least for the two weeks anyhow. I rush home on a nightly basis, immediately turn to NBC or whatever affiliated channel it is on and sit in front of it for hours. Admittedly I have thought my timing of the vacation was rather poor planning. It should have been this week. I make a mental note to reconsider this in future vacations.  After all I have already spent way to many nights staying up way past my bedtime afraid to miss something.

Yes I know there is DVR, but these days, with Twitter and Facebook and the media in everyone's face, I find by the time I am ready to watch it, I already know-this will lead me to a future post-and what is the fun in that.

That's right I have turned to the games. I am pretty sure I am not alone in this. I even marvel at the overhearing of three older gentlemen discussing the situation of the US women's gymnastics. Men who I am pretty sure could care less about women in sports on a normal day.

The Olympics I suppose does funny things to everyone.

For a moment, we are all fans.

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