Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tale as old as time.

Sometimes I don't mention how great Anderson is. Sometimes I tend to forget how great Anderson is.

But he is.

He is incredible in the fact that he knows my love of Disney, my love of theatre and my love for Beauty and the Beast. Therefore, on my birthday I received two tickets to go see the touring production of Beauty and the Beast. And believe it or not, he seemed rather pumped to see it himself.

It has been years since I had seen the show. Probably because, it closed on Broadway a couple of years ago, and the tour hadn't been around since.

I don't know if they are trying to revive it or if I just got lucky. But for whatever reason I am grateful. I marched into that theatre as if I was a twelve year old girl-in fact there were several of those.- and families. I actually didn't know what to expect, if things had changed or had the remained the same? Would it be just as good as I remembered all those years ago?

The answer is: yes.

It was a wonderful show, perhaps not on the same level as Les Miz or Phantom, but I don't think its supposed to be. The story of course was the same, though with a scene or two mixed and changed up. The Beast  had a lot more adult humor than I remembered. But it kept the adults in the audience entertained for the three hours. And I was thrilled to see they had not gotten rid of my favorite part. When the men are in the tavern and they do the dance with the steins. I was really excited about this.

I found myself fighting back the urge to get up and dance. To sing and repeat every line of the musical. Because I am that kind of nerd.

Should you get lucky enough to see it I think you would be pleasantly surprised at this heart warming story about a belle and her beast.

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