Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Five-Flowers.

Once again we have to just about everyone's favorite day of the week! The sweet smell of summer is in the air, and for most of my friends they are gearing up for a lot of days without having to come up with a lesson plans. Congrats to them...though I admit I am way to jealous...

Anyway lets get on with this weeks installment of the Friday Five...this weeks theme: Flowers

What is your favorite flower?

Daisies hands down. Without a question. I love the fact they are quite simple, quiet and rather friendly. Yes indeed give me a daisy over roses any day. Though ok I wouldn't turn down roses either.

Do you buy or send other people flowers for special occasions?

Of course. Been known to buy my mom her yellow roses from time to time. Sent flowers to friends when they have kids, weddings. Etc. I totally believe everyone deserves to get flowers from time to time just a friendly reminder that you are thought of.

Have you ever picked flowers from your own garden (or wild flowers, if you don't have a garden) to give to someone else?

I believe when I was a kid, I picked wild flowers, I think we all have at least once or twice. I probably gave them to my mom, who swore they were the prettiest flowers she had ever seen.

If flowers could talk (think Alice In Wonderland), which flower would you most like to converse with?

Again, Daisies. I think we would probably have a splendid little conversation. And for some reason I think we could sit and complete silence and be ok with it...I just foresee that sort of thing out of the little quiet flower.

Have you ever used edible flowers in cooking, or eaten one?

Nope, can't say that I have...but that's an interesting thought.

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