Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ten lessons from my father.

My dad, much like my mom is an incredible dad. He has never let me down, always been there and has always made time for me despite me being a middle child of three girls. As I get older, I have realized just how much I am like my father. I will not complain about this, though he keeps apologizing for this. Sometimes on a daily bases. And though he is often quiet, when he does say something you always listen. And while he may not think so, what he has to say has been some of the most important lessons in my life.

And just like I did with my mom, I thought I would share such important lessons.

So here they are....the top ten lessons I learned from my dad.

Lesson One: You don't have to a son (or daughter)  to be close to your child

Yes having a girl would be amazing, but having a son has been just as much of a blessing....and I haven't had to do one ponytail yet!

Lesson Two: Teenage girls need their dads too.

I may be the exception, but most of my weekend nights in high school were spent with my dad. Instead of dates with guys, it was dates with dad. It was some of my best quality conversations.

Lesson Three: George Michael=go the playroom.

Because apparently we couldn't just turn off or change the station when he came on. To this day I automatically start running for the door. Even if I am 32.

Lesson Four: A leader doesn't always mean you have to be out there.

In fact sometimes its the quiet leaders that get the jobs done properly. And just because you are quiet and shy doesn't mean you can't be a leader.

Lesson Five: Hitchhike at least once in your life.

And if your with me, and our car is broken and there is a girl scout camp that we have to go to. Its ok. It may have taken an 18 wheeler, a Jeep, a tractor and a strange man. But we got there. And it still remains one of my favorite memories.

Lesson Six: You don't have to be blonde to be pretty.

And some day some guy is going to agree with me..
he was right.

Lesson Seven: I'm proud of you no matter what you do.

It doesn't matter if your a doctor or an admin, you are still amazing at it.

Lesson Eight: I know one day, you will be a somebody.

Believe in yourself, practice and patience. But someday you will find what you are meant to do. 
I know when that first book comes out, he will be the first to read it.

Lesson Nine: You are your fathers daughter

And you know, that's just fine be me. I can't think of a bigger compliment than this. Despite what he may think...

Lesson Ten: No matter how old you are, a girl will always need her dad.

Funny, I still do.

Happy Fathers day, to one of the greatest dads out there. My own. You will never know just how much I love you.

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