Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Take a bite into it.

I must hand it to apple. They knew what they were doing. Love them or hate them, one must admit, its true. They did.

You see they knew that the moment they created that Iphone, and enabled 24/7 access to things like Itunes, and the app store, people wouldn't resist. I mean one now has that access to buying that song that is currently being played on the radio. The one that is forever stuck in your head-at the moment its Call Me Maybe for myself-or that just released album the moment you get it up in the morning. Instead of waiting until they get home, or hoping to find that wi-fi somewhere in order to do it.

Yes, I have to hand it to them for this.

And I have myself fallen victim to this. Two weeks ago when I bought my first Iphone I was sitting there thinking, well how different can it truly be from my Ipod right? I vowed to still use it. My Iphone would be a phone. Except, come on this is the Iphone we are speaking of. And two weeks later I am pretty much chocking on my words. Because it a hell of a lot cooler. I mean instead of waiting for the new Kenny, it magically appeared this morning on my Iphone with just a touch of the button.  I was on my way to work. No need to wait. And that App store? Yep I had a couple of games waiting for me. Just in case I get bored on metro.

There is a danger in all of this. That instant connection. My wallet for one thing, I usually am pretty good with watching what comes out of it. I avoid things, stores and places because I know I don't have the money. But apple apparently knew this and they said, well whatever. We know if you don't think about it, you will do it.

And damn if they aren't right.

Because I don't think about it. Not the way I should.

Its all apart of their plan.

Well played apple, well played.

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