Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Question Friday 6/29-Ooh, Ahh and Oops

Happy Friday my friends. And here we are heading into yet another month. As always on Fridays, its this weeks Friday five. This weeks theme is ooohhh, ahhh and oops.

1. What were the events leading up to your most recent utterance of oops?

The family and I were on the way home from the in-laws cabin in West Va, when we decided it was time for a potty break for our three and a half year old son. Thankfully, my own parents house wasn't to far. We stopped, and unfortunately a little too late as my son had an accident. We walked into that house feeling extremely bad for anyone in that house.

What were the circumstances that led to your most recent utterance of aha!?

Perhaps I haven't mentioned this, but I am pretty terrible when it comes to math. So while at work I was giving a task to do, math. Yeah I freaked I admit it. But I sat down, thew on my headphones and got to work. And wouldn't you know I figured out a problem. I pretty much went aha right there in the middle of the office. No shame in it either.

What most recently caused you to say ick?

While over at my parents house recently, they informed us that they found a turtle. They placed it in the back yard and later went out to find it with my 8 year old nephew. As my father opened the door to lead the way he came face to face with a five foot snake. Not a fan of snakes I immediately decided I had seen enough of the backyard for a lifetime. Thankfully my father was able to get it out of there without harming anyone. But I still don't think I will be venturing back there any time soon.

What inspired your most recent utterance of yum?

Last weekend, while at a trip to the local mall. We decided to splurge just a bit. Yes little man and I are both allergic to dairy, but for an afternoon we didn't want to care. After all, isn't that what summer is all about. We don't do this but maybe once or twice a year. And so we had ice cream, and it was the best ice cream I had had in a while. It was well worth the price I would later pay....

Where were you (and what was going on?) the last time you said ooooooooh?

Pretty sure I went oooohhh over the huge rock that laid in that jewelry store last weekend. Hey a girl can dream now can't she?

And with that, another Friday five is in the books. Enjoy the weekend. Stay cool.

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