Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cruel Summer

Last summer seemed busy. For reasons I am having a hard time remembering, it just seemed unnaturally so. Looking back, it really wasn't. Other than one of my closest and oldest friends getting married there was nothing much going on. Yes the few weeks before the event was made crazy.  This was to be expected. That with the hockey season, parties and rehearsals to attend.  But it was all said and done the weekend of Memorial Day.

Which in truth meant I had the entire summer to be nothing but lazy.

Still I left the end of summer last year saying that next year I would slow down. Enjoy my favorite season in a hell of a lot slower fashion. And I had every plans on doing this. This would be the summer when the only thing I would plan on doing would be enjoy a long vacation, my annual Kenny Chesney concert and some quality time with my son and Anderson.

But then my older sister gets engaged. And that friend that got married, is expecting. And suddenly, a Labor day weekend wedding is in the works. And a baby is due in October. And suddenly my summer will be spent throwing showers, and attending parties. My weekends will be filled with making out of state trips and long distance calls.

Two months ago when I offered to host my friends shower I looked at the calendar and thought, I have so much time to plan. I mean August really was that far away. Plenty and plenty of time. And yet, I flipped over the calendar the other day and it read June. My first thought was not the fact that it was now summer. But rather. Well shit. Of course there is the usual family occurrences neatly written. Birthdays, anniversaries, you know the kind that is supposed to keep our lives so organized. Reminders of years flying by. But as I sat down with Anderson to plan out the month. One by one those days that weren't filled in seemed to be within two seconds. A show here, a get together there. A weekend at the in-laws cabin still needed to be worked in somewhere between a family open house and a car show my little sis is participating in-as a Chef!-I tried to remind myself it is only June right? Still plenty of time.


I am still waiting to find out when the little sis is throwing the big sis a Bachelorette party. And that baby shower, planning needs to get down. And we are going on vacation for the week and a half before the shower. So I should probably have everything ordered and planned before. And my sister is taking my son to North Carolina to spend some time with her. When she leaves, is still up for debate.

Then its August, and the shower, and the Kenny concert,starting back to school after nine months of not...And before we know it we will be heading down to attend and be in the wedding.

Personally I am exhausted just thinking about it....And that long lazy summer with nothing planned? Suddenly is not the long lazy summer I had once dreamed about.

Maybe next year right?

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