Monday, June 11, 2012

Just say no.

As a parent one likes to think we pass on a lot of things to our children. The color of our eyes, our hair. Even some of our personality traits and our quirky little habits. Most of which we gush over, thinking look how much they are like us. Its a proud moment indeed.

There are some things however we often wish not to pass along. For instance: my food allergies. But pass along I have. I had hoped, prayed and wished he wouldn't but of course I knew there was a likely chance he would get at least one of my many..

So far the one is just that. One. Dairy. We noticed it early on, his reaction. His massive diaper explosion, and later when he was able to his complaints about a stomach ache.  We switched to soy, and thank the lord he has taken to it. Enjoys it even. We have cut out most anything that even remotely has anything with it. At home its not to hard considering my own dairy allergy. But in the outside world its not so easy. Two months ago he was enjoying an ice cream and ten minutes later was curled up into a fetal position.

If our suspicions weren't already on high alert, that nailed it. We took him back to the doctor, who told us to avoid it all together..stick with soy, next doctors visit there would be a mandatory allergy testing. I immediately felt bad. I mean after all if not for me the kid would have a greater chance of living a care free food allergy free life. And I had passed it to him. I knew what he was going to have to deal with...granted there are shots, and pills and everything but at three he is totally not going to understand.

Still it wasn't to hard. We tried to avoid things as much as we could. Though I admit we could probably do a lot better than we actually do. Including yesterday when he had a treat from my mother in law and given a bowl full of ice cream.

Well, maybe it was a fluke.

I mean maybe it was something else. Except not even an hour later, he was in the bathroom. His explosion massive. His stomach hurting. And obviously this is no fluke....

But I can't just take away the love of ice cream, the joy of ice cream, which means I will now be on the hunt for dairy free ice cream. I know it exists. I have had it myself. Ironically down at Disney...

Now I just have to find it up in NoVa. And hope this is the only allergy I have passed along.

Fingers crossed.


eslachtdermai said...

Have you tried So Delicious Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert (ice cream that's dairy free)? I love the Cookie Dough one, just because it's the only cookie dough ice cream that's also gluten free. Tastes as close to real ice cream that I've had that's also dairy free.

And you can't blame yourself! Most kids have allergies now it seems, so he'll actually fit in just fine. And with improvements and what not (allergen menus, better product labeling, etc) he'll be okay. It does suck that it's so young and instantly severe for him, but at least (I guess) it's not a life threatening allergy. (I know, this doesn't make it any better's still something big and painful and what not, but yeah...)

Aleisha said...

Ah thank you for your suggestion, I know things like that exist but I will have to remember it...I know I can control things for myself and decide but for a three year old I want him to experience things...

And its hard to not blame myself though I know it has nothing to do. My dad felt the same way with me and all my allergies...

and with my dairy allergy I too just may have to try some of that ice cream!!