Sunday, January 13, 2013

Change of plans.

Training camp opened today. After months of waiting, the family-including my own-were ready for it. To celebrate we invited my mom and my nephew to hit up Ballston mall/Kettler to watch and celebrate along with thousands of other fans.

They gladly accepted. So we rushed around this morning, donning our Caps gear. The jerseys that had been tucked back into the corner of the closet. The t-shirts, socks and my Caps Vans that I had made a couple years back. We loaded the three of us in the car and made our way down to my parents home to pick up the other two.  We were going to have a fabulous day. And nothing but hockey was on tap.

Except halfway down the road little man starts wailing. And I am not talking just your average wail, but the kind that he hadn't done since newborn when we found out that he was allergic to dairy.

Thinking it was just a case of needing to go to the bathroom, we made it to my parents and rushed him into the bathroom. Were he sat and sat. And sat. And nothing. On either end. Still he wailed. And we sat helplessly knowing we couldn't do anything about it.  He scrunched up then became a board. Then scrunched up again as he kept talking about his stomach hurting. Usually we would call up Kaiser, talk to the advice nurse and bring him to the after hours care. But when the new year came, my Kaiser was dropped-thank you work-after 32 years. And we went under Anderson's. We are still waiting for the cards to come in. Which meant I had absolutely no idea what to do.

Other than knowing that going to see Caps training camp, was out of the question. To the disappointment of both Logan and my nephew. I have never gone to ER without having to call first, but I suppose there is a first time for everything. And so Andy and I made our way down where we spent the rest of the morning checking in, and having him checked out. Half an hour later, after being there Logan coughed, and smiled and said 'Well I feel much better.' still they wanted to check him out, just in case because you never know. And so we waited. We watched as the clock stuck, and Andy mentioned the boys would be taking the ice. Logan couldn't understand why we could just go...after all he was feeling much better.

We spent a total of two hours there, missing all of the first day of training camp and the celebration that came with. In those two hours they couldn't find anything that was wrong. Maybe a little gas, maybe just something he needed to pass. There was no telling really. It happens with kids. And while I could be upset. I am not.

As Logan said. 'Its OK. Mommy. There will be other times. We will just have to wait a little while longer to see my best friend Ovi. But you know what? That's OK, because hockey is back.'

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