Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yeah about that.

So the season is just about a week old now. Of course this is news to everyone except the Caps, who have apparently not been notified as of yet that the season is actually on. While I did not fully expect the same season there was last year, I also did not expect to be at a zero and three record. In fact it seems as though, they are playing like its preseason and none of these games matter. NEW FLASH: They do.

I watched tonight from the comfort of a suite-which does not happen often. In fact it has only happened twice. And I wondered what happened to the beloved team. They looked so unraveled. Not in sync, and a lot like they didn't care at all.  And what happened to that drive that was there last year.

I wondered if this is what a lockout does to them, or if is perhaps something else. Sure I didn't and still don't expect much of the season. Despite what others may feel or say, its been a long time since they were out there, and we have need to learn the system. Which is a lot easier said than done, considering we are playing every other day, if not every day leaving very little time in between to actually learn.

I admit the lack of anything from the Caps has already put a damper on things. I haven't brought myself to watch much of anyone else's games, and the few I have seemed to be sort of the same way our season is going thus far. I realize its still relatively early in the season, but when its a short season as it is? If this is the way its going to be, for any team in the league/

Well maybe I will just hope its October before to long.

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