Monday, January 28, 2013

The Balancing game.

And so it begins, the attempt to balance work, school and family. Along with time to myself, and enjoying friends, and anything else that comes along. Its a struggle that happens every semester.

Especially in the beginning of one. I try to remind myself that its always hard in the beginning, the trying to figure out the workload, how much needs to be done. Throw in the fact that it has been a little while-or even longer over the summer-and that soon my whole pattern will fall back into place.

But as I say this, my son is coming down the stairs, he wants to snuggle, and read another book. And we spend so little time together. And then the one show I watch, at least on Monday nights comes on. And we just got home and I really don't want to do homework. But I know I need to because I had put it off all week, even though I had an entire weekend to do so. Yeah.

I need to figure it all out, i need to get thins together. I need to learn how to balance the whole life thing a lot better. Because its not going to get any easier. Papers will have to be done, case studies will have to be reviewed and taught and my son will still need to be played with, work will still have to be attended.

And school will go on.

At least until May.

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