Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lean, mean, crime fighting machine-well sort of.

Every year, usually right around summer my office goes through this mandatory security training. Do this, don't do that. If something looks suspicious, if a person looks a little to weird, if a package is left. The standard norm that I am sure most companies these days make sure to go over.

And every year we all have to sign off saying that we took the training, sat there through the meetings, and the online testing. I am pretty sure that half of us sleep through it.  And for the most part none of us ever think much of it. Nor do we ever have to worry about such things as some random stranger coming up and approaching us. Especially not when we are behind locked doors, where the only thing that gets us in is our card. Believe me, for the most part, we work there, we see the badges. We all swipe, and if you didn't know this, which I don't know is possible considering every other foot there is a sign reminding us to do so., then you will dif know the fact you can't get in at will tell you one must go talk to the receptionist.

But of course from time to time I suppose it could happen.  Take for instance this morning as I am sitting there typing a few things up for another briefing, I look up to find this guy coming down looking in an office, and wouldn't you know he stops and asks me if I knew where so and so sat. And I had no clue who this guy was. But he was dif weird, and as he sat there something just didnt seem right. Especially when I asked him about his badge, and he just looked at me and said the receptionist, who I know would never let him, let him in. And he just stood there babbling. And I told him that he needed to leave unless there was someone. The moment I got up, he bolted. And I headed to security feeling a little uneasy, because the guy was just a little to weird for my liking. I didn't really think of what could have happened, or who the guy was I just acted. And soon the security department had him, and I was back at my desk and things were back to normal.

Of course there would be a talking to, and a debrief maybe not officially but they would want to know. I didn't know if I had done anything wrong because I didn't exactly escort him back.  And sure enough after doing my round of receptionist break coverage I found a note from the head of the security team informing me they wanted to see me in their office as soon as possible.  I walked down thinking of everything I probably could have done better, should have done. Scared that I was going to be written up. And at the moment, its really not the right time for that-though when is it ever time for that-and I entered. Before I know it, she is handing me a framed award for my watchful eye and doing the right thing, along with a gift card to Subway, which made my day more than the award. She thanked me for doing what most people-since someone let him go right on in without question-would never do.

I was in total shock. But thanked them and went back to my desk. Really I was just doing my job.

When I got home this evening, I received a call from my dad who informed me that he has heard of the guy before, describing him pretty much to a tee. Turns out, he does this to a lot of local businesses, sneaks in behind people, and then into offices, mostly to the big wigs. Grabs what he can, purses etc and then walks out. And while he has been on TV and the news, he usually walks away.

Well I hate to disappont, but he didn't get away with anything today.

And as for me?
I can add crime fighter to my resume.

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Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Well done, Aleisha! That's awesome that you went with your gut and did the right thing to protect not only yourself but your office from what could have been a bad situation. I'm glad you were recognized for this action, too. :)