Thursday, January 31, 2013


When it comes to no-no's, touching, holding or simply being around a newborn is up there.

By doing so, you may find yourself getting that fever. Its the same fever that all your friends are catching. Some for the first time others for the third or fourth. And Lord knows, its going around.

You may do your best to avoid this by staying away from anything with even the word baby. This may include baby aisles, the random Picture People store at the local malls and I warn you this is a must here, but you must quarantine yourself from those around you who may be already be feeling the effects of babyitis.  Symptoms are as followed by not limited to extreme amounts of cuteness, followed by deliriously happiness and lack of sleep may make one delusional. Delusions include, temporary loss of smell, and lack the ability to notice random stains. In extreme cases those with babyitis may be experiencing overexposure to the colors blue and pink, with the occasional greens and yellows.

If you have signs of babyitis, please take caution as symptoms may come on strong and fast and often unexplainable. There is no known cure for babyitis though some report that symptoms subside after eight to nine months....

Please take caution, seek medical attention should babyitis catches you. and I repeat. Do not touch a baby.

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