Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Five 2/1/13-Witness

The start of February brings on a busy weekend around the household. Little mans birthday is tomorrow, first father son hockey game on Sunday. And the Super Bowl which is never a household favorite but will be watched none the less. But it being Friday means, its time for another round of Friday Five. Topic for this week: Witness.

1. What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever witnessed in a public restroom?

I was at a restaurant while on vacation, and in the stall beside me a little kid is attempting to use the restroom while her mother is on the other side. I guess she is having a hard time, and yells out. Oh my god, that feels much better. Mommy I was having such a hard time. I had to use my finger. Yeah it was pretty disgusting, but funny at the same time. At least as a young twenty something it was.

2. What’s the single most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen?

The first sight of my son, right after his birth. It was the moment that changed everything.

3.What random act of kindness (not perpetrated by you) have you recently witnessed?

I left my money and my wallet at home last week. It was one of those days, and I was just having an exceptionally hard day. A coworker came out, handed me a five and told me not to worry, things will get better and that I didn't have to worry. It was such a fabulous act.  Five dollars may not be a lot, but it was enough at that moment.

4. What are the best and worst tattoos you’ve ever seen in person?

Best-  probably a tourist and Disney fanatic that had an image of the Epcot classic symbol. It was fabulous.

Worst- A hello kitty one.

5. What’s the coolest act of daring you’ve ever seen in person?

Back in high school during the summer one of my sisters friends got a flipper stuck at the bottom of the pool and couldn't get out. Her brother without question jumped in and got the flipper unstuck. It may not have been as cool as it sounds but considering I had the hugest crush on the kid, it was amazing.

May you all have a fabulous weekend...

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