Saturday, February 2, 2013

Logan on his 4th birthday.

Logan and his 'girlfriend, Brittany
Today I become a mom of a little boy. Not a toddler, or a baby any longer but a full grown, I am a big kid and I can do it all on my own little boy.

When did this happen? How could this be?

I must admit the thought makes me just a bit sad. I sat there looking at the toys earlier this week trying to figure out just what to get a little boy who is the center of my world. As I did so I started heading for the toddler toys, forgetting for a moment that he is far from them anymore. It wasn't until I picked up one, and read the age appropriateness of it. 

0-3 years.

This stage is done. I no longer need to worry about it. And even though he hasn't really played with any of these such toys for awhile,  having it stare down at me like that made it all so real. He was no longer a toddler. My baby, is growing up. Already I can feel the pull away begin. No matter how much I want to hold him near and dear and close to my heart, he is beginning to need me in a total different way then he once did.

There are no more diapers to be changed, no more bottles to be made.  Both have long gone be done and over with. Even the cups, the ones with the no spill proof lids are slowly beginning to fade away. Replaced with big boy cups.  And instead of being put in the basket he would rather walk and hold one of our hands, because he insists that sitting in the basket is for babies.

As if the fact the baby fat is melting away, and his looks are starting to become less babyish each day, its just another reminder that he is in fact, a little boy.

And yet, I love this stage. The way he can have a total conversation-usually about Spider-Man and Wolverine. And about Brittany-the young love of his life.-and for the most part actually understand what he is saying without having to worry about making sense. I love knowing he is starting to get changed, and pick out his clothes and can play without total supervision every two seconds. And I love seeing his personality really begin to shine. His smile, his quirky little look he gives me when he knows he wants something, and knows if he gives it to me he will get his way (well most of the time). And I love the fact that despite him being nearly the size of me, he still struggles to hold on that toddler in him. The fact that he sneaks into my room at night to snuggle, and when daddy is busy he creeps out of his room to come see mommy requesting me to sing our song, because despite the fact he is a little boy he can't let go of those precious moments.

I know I will miss these moments when they are finally gone.

Just as much as I will miss those cute toddler moments that until yesterday we were living in.

Though I am pretty sure the stage of little boy will bring on many new ones....

Starting today...

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