Sunday, February 3, 2013

A birthday recap

In the end, it was a very successful and wonderful birthday weekend for little man.  A very exhausting, exciting and fun filled one indeed.

Friday we found ourselves heading over to pick him up after work, one very excited little boy greeting us at the door. We were in the middle of dinner, confirming everyone. All fifteen little ones, including cousins, endless amounts of adults. Aunts and Uncles. And one almost seventeen year old crush. When in walks Logan's aunt, and my older sister walks up the stairs, taking us completely by surprise. She came all the way up from North Carolina just so she could be here to help celebrate his birthday. This is a rare occasion as its not every birthday she has done this. In fact this is the first one, other than his birth in which she has been able to do so.

Saturday was his big day, the one day besides Christmas in which a kid looks forward to. He slept in late though, and when we woke was fully ready to go. For the second year in a row we found ourselves at Chuck E Cheese's. I am assuming one of these days he will be tired of the place. 15 little kids met us there and for two hours he played, yelled and ate his heart out. Another surprise came when Anderson's parents showed up to celebrate. And not to mention the seventeen year old that he is in love with. She too was there. As was all the cousins, and my younger sis who showed up to celebrate.  He was already in little boy heaven.  We got home, opened gifts and then headed for our usual Saturday night hot spot Logan's Roadhouse-or as refered to by our Logan the peanut place. Now we are regulars. And have been since well before Logan even came into the world. So I will say they know us pretty well. Hostess, servers you name it. We have this new server who has been following us for months now, and loves us apparently. And she knew it was his birthday. So she had a table waiting for us, and we got there and everyone made it a point to make him feel special. And when we got to the table, a present from Mandy the server was there. A total shock and surprise and such an amazing gesture. Seriously this kid is loved everywhere.

Considering Anderson nor myself was every popular, its amazing.

To end the weekend, Sunday Andy took him to the Caps/Pens game. Its a first as father son. We lost, of course-truly I hold no hope for the season anymore- he met some of Andy's friends, got to see some good goals by both teams and even had lunch with just daddy. And even if we did lose, and Slapshot didn't get to see him, the event was such a great time and the two apparently had an amazing time.

Which in the end, is all that matters on this birthday weekend.

Happy birthday little man, happy birthday.

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eslachtdermai said...

I'm glad that he had such a great birthday! Such a cute little man, he deserves it!