Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To Write....

Back in November I had this idea. More like words actually.  It all started from a question that I asked myself. That is how it all started. A question, a few words. It was all I needed.

I immediately found myself running for the closest thing, which just happened to be a pad of paper and a pen-I was in the middle of door watching for a meeting-I wrote, and wrote. And wrote. I didn't really know what to come of it, nor what to expect. They were of course at the time just a bunch of words on a piece of paper.

And yet, little by little the idea started to formulate. And the words began to flow and before I knew it I had fifteen, then twenty. Then thirty. I found myself living this whole other world within the words. And I found myself in this weird zone. Its a zone that has come quite frequently lately. The I am here but not here zone. Its the you best leave me a lone I am at work.

As of today I have just about fifty pages and twenty five thousand words written within this idea.

Now I admit, I have had ideas before. Most of which fizzle or lack by a certain time. But four months into this idea. I am writing. And I am not stopping. I find myself constantly thinking about it, thinking of which way this will go, or that.  I have found myself carrying around a pad and pen, just in case something comes to me, like it often does. In the middle of the metro on the way home. In the middle of watching Logan at the playground. Anything.

Only Anderson has read this idea. And with each page I am hooking him into the web a little more. It is quite possibly some of the best stuff I have written.

At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself that I would finish one project I started. Or if not finished, than mostly complete.

Well, one month in...I am well on my way.

Write on.

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