Saturday, January 5, 2013

Going for a goal.

Five days into the new year and I have yet to make a resolution. By this point I probably won't. This is not unusual, as this makes the several year in a row I have not made one.

But this year, I did decide to do something. More of goals, specifically in the finical end of things. But I figured its a start. We are now at the point where we have a couple of our bills getting ready to be paid off in a a year or two. But this was not good enough, no I wanted to see if we can start paying them off sooner rather than later. Because while we are managing everything and doing ok, there is always room for improvement. And hey the sooner that we pay of certain things, well then the sooner we can think about other things. We know a new car for Anderson is in the near future. But with what we already have budgeted, it leaves little room for much else. Which is why I set some goals that I want to see done by the end of 2013.  They are as follows:

Have both of our student loans paid off:

We have just over three hundred dollars left to pay in Andy's. A little more than that on my own from the one year I spent away at a college in southern Virginia. Both are quite doable to get paid off, Andys scheduled by the end of the year and mine with the way things going still another three or four years.  And while Andys is done well before the end of the year my goal is to get it done a lot sooner than that. As for my own, hoping that once Andy's is done I can work on getting my own done. This will free up some extra money to put towards other things, including savings.

Have so much in savings:

I will not get into just how much I want, but I know the amount. I am still one of those people that actually puts money aside from each of our paychecks into savings. But I am hoping with the extra money that we can save, even if its five dollars more that we can work on continuing to set aside money. I know things happen, and I know it may not be the exact amount. But this does not mean that I won't at least try to get it to a certain point.

Re-Evaluate come June:

As mentioned above, I am hoping to at least have Anderson's school loan paid off, and by June I am hoping that we will at least have a betteridea of just when and if I can pay off my own. Which means, I am hoping that come June we will decide what is and can be done to start the next set of financial goals. This may include helping get down the next set of bills, though we both are well aware we may not be able to start this until the new year we figure come June its a great time to evaluate how we are doing...

Perhaps these and this does not seem like a huge financial plan. Perhaps I could be doing more. But from where I see it, well I think its a start. And with a little work and concentration, well I think these goals can be achieved surprisingly enough....

Just may need a little luck to go along with it.


Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Good luck with your goal! I sat at our dining room table yesterday and drew up a personal budget plan for myself. We'll see how long it lasts, but I'm determined to meet my own financial goals this year.

Aleisha said...

Me to, I am very determined to meet our goal this year. I know this seems simple, but its the simple things that can often be the most challenging.