Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome back.

While all eyes are focused on the beginning of the NFL playoffs this week, for hockey lovers there was a very different feeling. Much like any team playing this weekend, this one was of a due or die for an entire season.

Andy pretty much lived by his phone as of late as word that a possible deal to end the lockout, repeating that if nothing came by the end there would be little hope to get the boys on ice until next fall.  And when we went to bed last night, he made note not to expect a decision until at least Monday, as it looked like they were going into marathon discussions overnight. Which meant we turned off my phone, my computer and didn't give it another thought.

And then came morning. I lay half asleep on my side of the bed as Anderson rose grabbed his phone and said. 'They did it.'

I didn't even need to ask who did what. I sat up, excited to know that hockey would be returning. While the news has been all over the Skins game against the Seahawaks, little had been mentioned of the lockout. Even as we turned on the TV to get ready for the day, the lockout long over nothing was mentioned. No details,  no nothing. Andy started back up with his here we go, no mention of hockey mambo jumbo that he does every season. I didn't care. I knew hockey is on its return, and that's enough for me really.

Of course I know what this means. It means we immediately had to start talking about things. Plans that were made will now probably have to be changed. Things will postponed, and schedules will be rearranged. Those who have little interest will be asking for tickets come tomorrow. 

And I will once again be a widow.
Welcome back hockey, welcome back.

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