Monday, January 7, 2013

Bringing in the news.

Broke the news to little man that his beloved Ovi and the rest of the team are on their way back. to play his favorite sport.

He was so excited he started immediately jumping up and down and running around.

It appears we weren't the only ones in no hockey game blues.

He also mentioned he would be ok with no watching football ever again.  He does not care that the season is short or that it will now go until the end of April, he is simply just happy that hockey is back.

And maybe this is what it is all about. Because while there where several people who were already over analyzing the state of the deal, and going back and forth on what the whole thing meant, the good the bad and the ugly of it all, when all is said and done there are those of us that just wanted the game back. Those of us like my son who could care less that so and so makes this much that the owners want this the players want that. What matters to them is the game, the sport and we wanted it back more than anything.

There have been several times during the past months when I have been pissed of the league for putting us fans through this. Didn't they know it was not each other that they were hurting but the fans. And in a sport where its fragile fan bases is always on the rocks, well I would have thought that, this is all important to us. That the fans were important to them.

This all changed though at the end of the evening as I watching little man run around the room screaming Ovi, my best friend is back. All those months of being pissed at everything hockey related no longer mattered.

Just like my son, I was thrilled to have the sport, and that smile it brings to my son's face back.

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