Friday, January 18, 2013

Five question Friday-Celebrations

Ah Friday how I love you. I don't know why but these past few weeks have seemed exceptionally long. Hoping that its just due to the fact we are all trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. But for whatever the reason, it is time once again for Five Question Friday. This week's theme: Celebrations

1. When did you last blow up a balloon?

For my sisters bridal shower last April. And I don't think I got very far before deciding it was a terrible idea and it would take to long..I suck at blowing up balloons.

2. Whose house is especially well-designed for parties, and why?

My aunt and uncle. Not only do they have a pretty kick ass open concept huge house. But the entire bottom level is for entertainment purposes. Including a movie theatre, pool table, shuffle board, poker table and pin ball machine. Just thinking about it makes me want to move in...

3. If the party starts at seven, what time are you there?

I am one of those show up either right on time, if not a minute or two early. Its this way with get togethers, class whatever you name. Kind of funny considering the rest of my family is exactly the opposite and come late. Since I am not a huge party person the way I see it, you get there early there are less people to have to deal with, and you can leave early without someone questioning you. Its my master plan.

4. Who brought the best thing to your last potluck?

My mom makes some incredible Italian salad, yep. It was wonderful and gone pretty quickly. That and my aunt made some classic corn pudding. Ah pure love right there.

5. Now that the holidays are over, what (besides a birthday) might be the next thing you celebrate in the company of others?

Besides my son's upcoming birthday? Well if I ever land a new job, or graduate these would be reason enough to celebrate I suppose. Though neither are truly set and may not happen right away. But one of these days, and besides birthdays and anniversaries  well those would be the next big thing to celebrate. Unless of course, the Caps win the Cup.

Then we have a whole new ball game to discuss.

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