Thursday, January 17, 2013

No missing here.

Now that hockey is but back-starting Saturday it will be.-I think its important to mention some of the things I will absolutely not miss while the season is in order. Because lets face it, us hockey fans had little hope, and little to go by there for awhile. So anything news worth, well it was something to write home about. Still these next few things listed are things I will absolutely be ok if I don't hear anything about for the next little while.

1. What soda company sponsors the arenas.

OK I get it, not everyone loves Pepsi, not everyone loves Coke either. Either way your going to piss off half the crowd. I prefer neither. I am a Dr.Pepper kind of gal myself-a habit which yes I know is horrible but doesn't stop me any less.-yet the arena doesn't offer it. And you know for a couple of hours. Its fine by me. If I don't like what they have, I won't drink it, find something else or go for water. It works. But I do not feel like this matter should be addressed every five minutes. Really.

2. Sunday Football.

I am not a football fan. OK let me refrain that I am not a football fan much. I have watched more games this season than I have since high school.  But without hockey, I felt the need to watch some kind of sporting event, and so I watched. But I am pretty sure the next few Sundays, when I have a football game on-the few that are left anyway-will only because I have homework I am trying to catchup on.

3. Having my coworkers think I know the inside scoop.

The number of people that would stop at my desk, and ask if Anderson knew anything at times was amazing. No matter how many times I told them he was no closer to knowing than any of us. It didn't seem to matter. Maybe it was an excuse to talk about hockey. I don't know. But I will not miss it. Of course this will only be replaced by those stopping to analyze the season, an individualized player or a previous nights game, but at least this may be a little more entertaining that the prior.

4. Speculations that so and so are not coming back

Those that wanted to come back did. And for the most part, all have. Enough analyzing things. And perhaps I am in the wrong mind frame but if that player didn't want to come back, play for a certain team etc, then so be it. I think what matters is if they are happy. Teams an the league can adjust.

5. Hearing about Ovi's love life

Maybe it was the lack of hockey news, but the moment he became engaged, it was all over the place. Including Yahoo's sports page. I am thrilled for him. I think its wonderful and wish the happy couple nothing but happiness for many years to come. However let them be. I do not need to hear every detail of things, including reading about how long you give them before its over. Seriously. As Jodie Foster said, privacy is a word for a reason.

Look for things I will miss now that hockey is back in the next few days....

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