Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apply Within..

Last summer I applied to a position I truly wanted, and blogged through most of my experience leading up to what would be true heartbreak come the beginning of November, in my  Moving on post. It was such an emotional three month roller coaster.

The whole process took a lot out of me, shattering my confidence on every level. I had a lot of self doubt during the next month leading up to the holidays. I just was so unsure about everything. And because of this, I took a step back from the process of looking. I knew I had a job, which probably didn't hurt. And as much as I wanted out of it, at the same time the blow that I took, well I needed to recover from. So I pretty much stopped. Sure I would look, and occasionally I would apply. But nothing really seemed to grasp my attention, and I knew with the holiday season upon us, finding and landing a job before, or anytime soon would be pretty hard.

So I quit. Looking. For awhile. I enjoyed the holidays without thinking about it. I decided to let things go. Figuring things would be as they would be.

But with the holidays long gone now, the new year now a half month old I figured its about that time again. And so last week I decided to start again, maybe its not the dream job that I was thinking I had landed, and maybe it never will be. But whose to say there isn't something out there that I will be as equally excited about.

I just need to keep my eye out.
And hit the button.

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