Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hello Mood Swings....

I learned early on that the saying is true. No two pregnancies are the same. And as I approach trimester 2 (officially tomorrow!!) it appears as though it will remain true throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

It is actually quite fascinating.

When I was expecting little man, I waited for those mood swings that everyone talked about to hit. I prepared Anderson with a thousand apologies in advance because I already felt horrible.

Those mood swings never came. Sure I broke down and cried at Wall-E, but there wasn't a whole lot that got me upset, sent me flying off the deep end or got me pissed as expected.

I didn't know what to expect with this one honestly. I knew this may not be the same as it was with him, but still how different would it actually be?  Would I be more moody, would it be the same? Will I cry at the drop of the hat over the latest Disney movie? I should go ahead and admit, I cry at every Disney movie so perhaps that wasn't a fair question or to ask  myself.

Well let me say. I owe a huge apology to Anderson. Because no this one is not as smooth as easy at all. In fact I am pretty sure I have yelled at him more times over stupid stuff like forgetting something in the lunch Or roll my eyes because of something. Believe me I know I do, I don't like to say so. But I do. Do I know this is stupid to get pissed over? Absolutely. Do I know I could probably run down to the deli and grab something to satisfy my sweet tooth, yes. But for some reason it is these things that send me off.  The odd thing is I know it is ridiculous even at the time. I cry just at the mere thought of something. Funny thing is while I am doing all these things in my head I am saying I truly have no idea why this is upsetting me so, it is not like it is that bad....

And I take full blame on this, though I have no control over it at the same time.

And yet amazingly, five minutes later everything is once again fine, I am fine and I am laughing and smiling at myself for the small things I was just pissed about. Everything once again is wonderful, and life is good. Peaceful even. The small thing I was so pissed about forgotten even.

Yep, hello mood swings with this one. If this is any indication how this one will be growing up then I fear we are doomed.The good news, or so I am told is that they should start subsiding here as the second trimester starts up. A fact I am sure will relieve Anderson greatly.

Until they do.

I apologize in advance.

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