Monday, July 13, 2015

A Star Wars Bedroom Guide

For the past five years Logan has spent every night in the smallest of the three bedrooms surrounded by his once beloved Cars themed room. The Cars era ended this past weekend as Andy and I surprised him with an updated and upgraded big kid’s room. We knew we wanted to move him over eventually, and when we found out we were expecting baby #2, it was no longer a one day we will, but rather sooner rather than later option. So it should come to no surprise that this Jedi loving kid now has a Star Wars room that is quickly becoming the hit of the town.

I will say Andy should get a lot of credit for this room. He had a vision and ran with it. His ultimate goal was to give Logan a Star Wars room that he would be able to grow with. Something not over the top, but still be a child’s dream come true.

So how did we do it? The process I must admit was no overnight decision. Rather we spent the past couple of weeks behind his back gathering things here and there and putting them aside, including gathering things he already had to include in the decoration. Finally we took my parents up on a sleepover at their house so Anderson and I could get to work pulling off an incredible surprise.
And so began the magic.

 Step One: The paint
After gutting the once guest bedroom clean, Andy got to painting. He choose to paint the room a navy blue and a soft grey, due to their Star Wars connection and the fact he can grow with it. The three walls, including the two on the sides and one long wall are grey and saved one wall the dark navy. The grey walls only needed two coats, but the navy one needed about three but in the end the contrast between the dark side and the light side (yes I did just say that) turned out really nice and gave the exact effect we were going for.

Step Two: The furniture
Once the paint was dry it was time turn the empty room into a bedroom. We were able to repurpose the furniture from the guest room, so that most of the big furniture was not purchased. And we scored with Target as the big colors for the dorm room seemed to be navy and gray this year, including the organization system we picked up, perfect for completing the room. The organization system is great to hide his knick-knacks, toys and books while doubling as a place to display the items he wants to share as he grows. Shelves were added along the walls to prop things up and use to fill up the wall space. 

Step Three: The decorations
With the furniture in place, it was time to have a little fun and decorate. Again we were able to bring a lot of things in to this room that he already had, toys, Lego sets and books to help create the warmth and love of Star Wars. The idea was once again to provide a room that he could grow with.
The Quilt: Was a birthday gift from my mother in law, as were the pillowcases, so needless to say it is one of a kind. And we love it! Fantastic job.
The light saber wall fixtures: Were from Toys R Us. It took us three stores to find both, due to the fact that Toys R Us is getting ready to roll out the new line of Star Wars stuff to fit the movie coming out in December.
Pictures: Came from Pinterest ideas and Target’s selection.
Vinylmations: Walt Disney World exclusives (you can find them on the website as well) we tend to pick one up every trip, they make for great accents.
Bean Bag: Again Target. Dorm room selection.
Death Star Clock: Hallmark, which is where you can also get the Itty Bittys.

So there you go. I believe we were able to create and capture the love of Star Wars while giving him a room that he can grow with for years to come. And what was the verdict from the Jedi who will be calling it his room for the next several years (fingers crossed)? 

He told us he never wants to leave the place.

Mission accomplished.

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