Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shopping for the second time around.

It has been 7 years since Andy and I walked in to Babies R Us for the first time with the intention of registering. Back then we eagerly walked the aisle zapping everything and anything regardless if we actually needed it or not. Because come on how could anyone turn down the cutest daddy and me bib? You couldn't. Of course we came out with a wishlist miles long because as first time parents, well you actually need everything.

We learned something in those early days of little man being in our lives. The first, half of the stuff we actually didn't need, that bib, the one we thought was super cute and just had to have, didn't last two cycles in the wash. And third, most baby accessories, were not meant for those with the use of only one hand. That car seat may be beautiful but it requires both hands to unlock and pull the handle up (most of them do.) and that pack in play, the one that is a pain in the butt with two hands, is nearly impossible to do with one hand. Believe me it became just a park and play thing rather than a pack in play, because it was a hell of a lot easier just to keep in stationary than it was to cart from house to house or place to place.

And here I had thought my biggest challenge was going to be changing his diaper with one hand.

Flash forward 7 years now, Anderson and I are standing in the middle of the same Babies R Us now looking for items for baby #2. Once again, the aisles are filled with things we will need again, because lets be honest the things with Logan are either long gone, outdated or were already hand me downs to begin with. And yes there are still plenty of things we probably don't actually need. We make our way down the stroller aisle when woah what do I see? Is this what I think it is? A stroller where all you need to do is push the button with your foot to pop it open, lock it and hit the road! Where was this years ago? I have to test it out to see if it truly does do what they say, and if it is as easy as it appears to be on the instructional video they had going. Wouldn't you know, it is that easy, that sturdy and yes I can do it...I think I am in heaven all over again.

And then they show us the pack in play that you simply push a button and it unfolds, and locks. Meaning yes I can do it. I practically do a little dance around the store. Yes they are pricey, we tend to forget how expensive the baby industry truly is. But I have a decision, do I go for cheaper because it is cheaper or more of a necessity for me because it is something I could actually use? The money just may be worth it. And because of it, the thought only makes me cry harder.

The lady looks at me as if I had grown three heads right there. She is probably thinking its hormones, and I let her think so. But I am crying because for once  I won't have to ask for help. I won't have to get so frustrated with something that I say screw it I will just stay home.

Because for once, something just may cater to me.

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