Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day One: I am thankful for the ability to walk.

So what am I thankful for? The ability to walk to begin with. I know what your thinking, what about family and friends. I assure they will be there. They are not forgotten but lets start here shall we.

And why am I grateful for walking? It was the reason I got the idea behind the month of what I am thankful for as a woman came in to a store the other day complaining because she had to spent the next six to eight weeks in the cast on her foot. She started complaining about everything she couldn't do. I sat there listening in line as she went on and on to her friend, and my first thought was, she is lucky to walk.

Me? I wasn't supposed to ever walk. In fact they told my parents I wouldn't. Thankfully my parents were pretty stubborn and determined to get me to and so they worked with me for months behind the doctors back, and slowly I did. Believe me I realize how close I was to having my life spent in a wheelchair.

I remember wearing those braces on my leg as a kid, getting fit for them on my foot. I remember the struggle.  And there is not a day that goes by that I don't look down at my feet, sure I may walk with a slight limp  and I can't wiggle my right toes, but you know I am walking. I have two feet that work. And most never know the struggle I went through as a kid.

Yes, I have had friends who have lived in wheelchairs, and wear braces on their legs as an adult. I know of the struggles they go through. I know just how much they wish they could walk. Even if for one day.  For them spending  8 weeks in a cast seems pretty good.

That woman eventually went on about her day, and I said nothing. I didn't need to. I doubt she would have gotten the message anyway.

But I walked out of there, and practically skipped with my son to my car.

Thankful I could.

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