Sunday, September 7, 2014

So you applied to the Disney Parks Moms Panel, now what?

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So you submitted the application. With a hit of a button you moved from dreamer to moms panel hopeful.

You should congratulate yourself! But now what?

Yes what to do for the next five weeks (or somewhere around there) while you wait on your fate of round 2. I will not hide the truth, it is going to be a long five weeks. It will be on your mind a lot. You will go back-whether you have written your responses down and saved them or whether you have them memorized in your mind.-and think about your answers. Did you do them right? Should I have answered differently.

Believe me you could go around and around for hours and still not find the answer to it.

But what to do for the next several weeks. I am no expert but I am here to give you my thoughts.

1. Congratulate yourself: Whether this was your first time applying or your eighth, applying for something you believe in is a huge accomplishment. Its a step in the process. And you have now become a hopeful. You did. It. Breathe....

2. Enjoy it: It is like I have mentioned a long process, but yet it has so many rewards than just getting on the panel. Yes, becoming a panelist is all of our number one goals. This being said,  the process and the people involved in it, can be just as incredible.  You will meet so many friends along the way. They will help you in your success and they will share in your defeat along the way, and you will do the same. On the same sort of lines, enjoy the antics and the clues from Gary Buchanan (@Gary_Jerry) on Twitter. It is a great way to stay informed on the Disney News, but a great way to stay up to date on the process. Trust me, you have now entered a wonderful community. Welcome. Stay awhile.

3. Join us in the waiting room: There are plenty of us around social media these days, on twitter, on Facebook. Just as the suggestions above, we are all here for each other. Many already have joined this, but if you haven't, feel free to say hi,  ask questions and become friends with us.

4. Try not to think about it:  It is hard, yes it is. I will admit, the #DisneyMP process is on my brain during this time of year. But after you submit your application it is out of your hand. Trust the process, trust your self and realize that if it is meant to be, it will be. Life continues, football games, back to school nights, date nights. Bake cookies-especially if they are shaped in Mickey, Minnie and pixie dust! Yes, do all of these while you are waiting.

5. Read: Whether it is blogs, the latest thriller, or a Disney themed book. Or a Disney inspired blog-ahem,  Disney Parks Blog for instance. Go ahead you have plenty of time, could be good practice. Just saying.

6. Show off your #Disneyside: Absolutely. Show it loud and proud. Play a movie, dress like your favorite character. Give your nails a Disney style makeover. Whatever makes you feel that extra special magic that we all love and can't wait to share with everyone. Just show it, be proud of it.

7. And if nothing else DANCE because, well if nothing more, its fun to do.

There you have it, and for the next five weeks, we are all hopefuls.


Ellen Cusack said...

Love reading others journeys to that one magical destination DPMP finalist. Pixie Dust and lots of wishes your way and to all the others in the "waiting room".
The waiting is the hardest part! Thank You for the hints to keep us focused on the task at hand, much appreciated!
Ellen Cusack NJ

Anonymous said...

Great job~ Good luck fellow hopefuls!