Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A New Adventure; Contributor.

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I have an announcement.

An exciting one at that. I have been holding off on sharing until I got the official notice. 

As many have known, I have been blogging for years. As a writer I enjoy it, maybe it doesn't pay me anything but that is not the reason I do so. I do it because I enjoy sharing my stories, my experiences with anyone who is willing to listen. Whether it is Disney related, hockey related or simply family related. 

I have never expected it to get me further in to anything other than my own happiness. 

That being said, a couple of weeks ago after blogging about the Disney Parks Moms Panel, I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in contributing to The Disney Driven Life.  Believe me I am so honored to have been asked, and of course I said absolutely I would.

For the moment, it will be at a once a month, but I hope to expand and grow on that once back to school routines get in order. I will admit to being a tad bit nervous on the same level. It is the same sort of excited nervous one often gets when starting a new adventure really.

I am excited for this opportunity to spread my love and my passion for all things Disney with so many others. It is in fact one of my favorite thing to do in all honesty. Just as much as I am excited to show off even more of my #Disneyside. While I realize my own blog does it and I will continue to share my experiences on my own, I love the fact that I can reach out to a broader audience as well.

I will make sure to do my best in keeping up to date when a post on The Disney Driven Life is published and invite you all to join my new adventure. My first piece will go live tomorrow, at which point I will actually be a contributor to the blog and I welcome anyone to follow along. 

And no need to worry, I will still be sharing stories, experiences and rambles on my own blog as well. 

So here is to new experiences, new posts and a lot of memories to share on both ends of the blogosphere.

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