Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 years later.

I always get an eerie feeling passing through the DC area on this date. My heart skips as we sit through stop and go traffic by the Pentagon. And I hold a breath as a plane glides over the sky.

Even if I do this everyday, this normal routine of ours. On this date, it just seems surreal, strange and heartbreaking to do so.

Its been that way for the past several years.

We all know what happened 13 years ago. I do not feel the need to digest every memory, or moment of the day as I have already done so. But I will say it is definitely no less easier than back then. The memories will forever be around. I will have to explain to my son what today means in years to come. A son who was born well after the fact in a post 9/11 world.

Yes, time has healed in many regards. And yet till leaves us unsatisfied in so many others. Lives were torn apart, buildings were changed and things will never be the same no matter how much they tell us it will get back to normal.

It will never be normal again. Just a new kind of normal rather.

And because I felt the need to, I wanted to use today's post to remember the victims, the ones we lost and those that are victims for losing someone. In NYC, In PA and in VA (or DC to most)...because today.

Well today will forever be for them.

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