Thursday, September 4, 2014


It is amazing how quickly one gets used to things when routines change.  I was nervous it was going to be a lot harder than it actually has been.  At least for the moment should I say.

Perhaps its still the newness, but never the less we find the whole getting things done ahead of tine has way more advantages than we thought. 

Yes that is right, our lunches are made. The clothes are picked out, ironed and ready to wear the next day. Even bath time has seemed to become more of an easier task than it used to be. That is right, no longer do we find the need to run around in the morning, and hey bonus we have actually been able to watch the news, and catch the weather report without having to repeat it for one another.

And thus far little man hasn't gotten left behind, lost or decided he hates it to the point he will not return. Believe me all of these were fears of at least one of the three of us. And hey he even says that his teacher still reminds him of Tinkerbell which makes him think of Disney World. And if you ask him, that is A-OK.

Yes perhaps it is the fact this is all new, and within the next week or two this whole routine may seem draining and fail to exist anymore. Clothes will still be needing to be picked, lunches will not be thought of. And homework will still be on the table waiting to be signed, put away or done.

But for the moment, we will take this as a win.

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