Monday, August 18, 2014

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: a no cost adventure.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards
Every year when we make our way down to what is now our annual Walt Disney World vacation, we make it a point to do something we have yet to do.  This could be a new restaurant, a new ride or a new experience. Sometimes they cost a little extra, often they don’t. One may think these would be coming harder to find given the fact we are quickly racking up the number of times we have visited. And yet the joy of a Disney Vacation is the fact that is continuously changes. They are forever working on, improving something or adding new things. Believe me it is part of the appeal to us.

But this summer’s trip would be different. There wasn’t just the three of us to find something new to do. We had to think about something for seven. And despite our money saving efforts, our tricks and trades of it all, a trip to Disney still can be rather expensive which meant finding something new to do that didn’t cost us a dime, while still keeping the magic.

Does this even exist?

Sure it does. Yes, Disney does in fact have things that you can do for little to no cost; you just have to know where to look.  And perhaps a couple of Disney World fans who go on a yearly basis as family members.

Actually my nephew was the first to bring up the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game. He had heard about it from a friend who had just returned from there herself.

And here we thought we would be listening to him list off all the big thrill rides he wanted to do.

When he first brought up interest in the game Anderson and I admitted it was something we had never actually done ourselves. Did we know about it? Yes. On previous trips we had watched guests run around Magic Kingdom holding up cards to virtual portals, but Logan had never taken much interest in it. He was three or four after all and didn’t know how to read anything beyond his name.  But when my nephew asked if we would do it, we agreed, figuring why not give it a go this trip. Besides, we like to find new things to do on each and every Disney vacation taken. Even more fabulous Logan finally seemed interested in it as well.

I have to say this game was a lot of fun. What I loved about it was this; it was quick-each mission lasted maybe fifteen minutes. Just long enough to keep the boys interested and short enough that we were still able to enjoy our FastPass+ experiences. It was simple, which is pretty great considering when I am on vacation thinking is not something I truly want to do. It was also something that all seven of us partaking in the adventure, really enjoyed, including both my mom and my dad. As we had split into two groups, returning back to the hotel at the end of the night to hear about each others mission turned out to be some of the most entertaining and fun conversations we had during the trip.

Although you need park admission to get in, the game itself is free. Completely free. BONUS!  The cards made for a great take home souvenir!

I mean who doesn’t enjoy free souvenirs. Truthfully I think the boys enjoyed finding out what cards they got as much as they did trying to defeat their missions.  Not to mention the endless hours of trading back in the room afterwards. And unlike half of the other toys that were carried-or rather stuffed-home, the cards have not lost their appeal thanks in part to a take home game for them we picked up. Yes that is right, the boys are still happily messing with them, trading away and trying to figure out who has the rarest of the cards, and what will it take to get the other to trade it.

Yes, Disney can at times get expensive. But sometimes, all you really need to do is send them to pick up a pack of cards at the Firehouse on Main Street U.S.A, to have a magical time.

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