Thursday, August 14, 2014

An app worth mentioning....

I am not one to do reviews, promote or rave about things, especially when it comes to apps. I do not tend to fall for the gimmicks of games such as Farmville, Angry Birds, Candy Crush or whatever game just happens to come along and sweep the nation by storm.

It is just not in my nature.

But on occasion something comes along and grabs my attention. In this case, apparently grabs it enough to actually find myself thinking, well hey I shall share my opinion of this to the world–or rather the small amount of people that may read this–and so here it is:

Just before vacation I was watching TV, don't ask what, I will deny it anyway when a commercial for an app came across. They are becoming quite popular these days, the ads for apps that is. Tending to ignore them I went on about my business, until it mentioned free. FreePrints. As in free photo printing.

Which lead me to pause and wait for it to come back on again swearing I heard wrong. But I didn't. Before long I found myself jumping on my iPhone, searching until I found the FreePrints app and downloaded it. If nothing more, it was a waste of two minutes.

So what is it then?

Its a free printing site, as you may have guessed by the name which gets you:
  • Up to 85 4x6 free photo prints per month
  • Limit 1 free print per photo
  • Max 1,000 4x6 free prints per year
Which is the perfect amount of prints for my needs, and would save a heck of a lot of time trying to figure out how to attach my phone to the Wal-Mart printers they have.

I had to ask myself what about the picture quality? The service? Would it be worth it? I decided to wait until after vacation to figure it out. So when I got home I placed my first order. Bonus! My first 10 prints were free! As was shipping and handling which meant I paid absolutely nothing. Not a bad deal if you ask me! If they turned out crappy, I wouldn't have wasted anything other than the small amount of time it took to figure out which photos I wanted.

I hit submit and began waiting the 5-10 days they estimated.

They came in only three, thanks to an expedited service they threw in just for being a new costumer. When I got them, they were neatly packaged in a bundle just waiting for me to open them. And what I found when I got them was this:

They were not in fact bad, they were actually really good! The photos that did turn out bad was not due to the printer but rather the photo taker herself. For free photos, I was more than pleased with my discovery! The quality of the paper, the prints and the speedy delivery definitely made me a very happy customer, and one that will be returning in the near future!

For more information, including links to the app please visit

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