Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The good old hockey game.

Sunday while the rest of the world was celebrating the final showdown of the World Cup against Germany and Argentina I was busy thinking, this is no hockey. I miss hockey.

I mean, really really miss hockey. 

When did I become so in love with the sport? Honestly I do not know. But it seems it has turned into a love affair.  I mean here it is the middle of July; hockey technically ended just a little over a month ago and I am already itching for a good hockey game. For the past twenty four hours I have done little but think-other than my impending vacation that is-is it October yet? Which is kind of sad given the fact I love, and I mean love summer. 

But this whole World Cup stuff, the news about Lebron James, which I still don’t get. And knowing that football will be starting up its preseason in about a month really has me dying for some hockey. Hey I have even thought about hitting a local ice rink just to watch a pick up hockey game. Who cares if I actually know anyone, or if it isn’t pro? It is hockey.

I will take it.

Yep. This is who I have turned into. I believe, whether he wants to admit it or not. I have turned even more obsessed than Anderson, which is hard to say since he actually works for the team. But yet, it is true.

I even roam various hockey blogs and websites to read anything hockey related, including the fact that Sidney Crosby decided not to have surgery on his wrist. And believe me; you know I am desperate when I start reading things on A) Crosby B) the Penguins. But hey one has to do what one has to do right?

Some girls dig football, for others its baseball-confession those guys do look pretty good in uniform. But if you ask this gal, they can have their sports. Give me a hockey fight, some ice and a good old hockey game and I will be more than a happy camper.

85 days. But hey who's counting.

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