Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whatever we started: once a fan, always a fan.

Long before Kenny Chesney and the Backstreet Boys there was another love in my life. His name was Richard Marx and despite most of his followers back when he first came out, I was 7 when I first fell  in love.

Back then I didn't really have a clue about the music industry, the difference between a writer, a producer etc. At this point I was just another geeky seven year old whose mom popped in a tape of the guy and played 'Right Here Waiting for you.' I was hooked. Perhaps it was because my best friend at the time was leaving me to move to Hawaii, and the song just seemed to fit. I didn't care that it was meant for a love relationship. I just knew the song spoke to me. To this day it remains one of my all time favorite songs.

But that song was the start of it all. What followed in the years to come was years of wearing out tapes, and then running to get the CDs when the tapes went out of style. I was incredibly lucky to say at 9, my first concert was to go see Richard after my mom won tickets off a local radio station. Believe me at 9, I thought this was pretty fantastic.

I have followed his career the highs and lows of it all since the beginning. Both as an artist, and as a writer. I cringed just a little when he collaborated with NYSNC-as a BSB fan it went againt my judgement. Even if the song was beautiful.-and fell in love when he paired up with Keith Urban. And despite the number of ribbing of I get for still remaining a fan, I have knocked it on down. I did not listen when they told me he was no longer valid in todays music industry. Vowing he would return, and would be back.

And this week, he did, releasing his latest album Beautiful Goodbye. And let me say, the grown up version of yours truly is still in love. Except now I see him for the artist that he is. The record is AMAZING. Its a little bit of wonder, a little bit of heartbreak and a whole lot of truth in the lines. What's more it is brilliant. Even if he has been out of the scene to most of the mainstream population, it doesn't matter. Yes, the music is very up to par with today's music industry.And it reminds us that Richard is a fantastic well rounded artist. Providing the listener not only with beautiful lyrics but can actually sing them as well. And the grown up version of the fan finds it all to be sexy as hell.

Welcome back Richard, welcome back.

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