Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nailed it.

How do I prepare for vacation? Especially one to Disney World? Well lately along with the twelve bottles of sunscreen and the five sets of sunglasses I throw in my suitcase I have been preparing in a whole new way. I figure out how to paint my nails. I get it sounds sort of ridiculous because it should be easy and all. But come on, a simple manicure was so 2009. 

Yes, I have fallen for the Show your Disneyside it seems in the form of nail art. 

In true confession I do not know when the whole thing started really. It’s not like I woke up one morning and decided you know I think I will paint Mickey on my toes. Rather I believe it was out of boredom and the fact I needed something to do, and my toes needed a paint job. After all it was getting to be that time of year.

And  I just happened to have some bright red nail polish staring me in the face like hello please use me. So I did. This brings me to this week. As I find myself 11 days out-or 9 if you want to be technical-until I head back down. So while I have a million things to do before vacation, including work and packing and worrying about making sure laundry is done, bills to pay and mail to stop, all things I know I should be doing what am I actually finding myself doing?

Searching nail art options. Because clearly I have oh so much time on my hands.

Deciding what to do of course is not as easy as one would think, because obviously I am no professional. And b, considering I can’t use my right hand I need help. Thankfully I have some willing victims’ volunteers. Right, that is exactly what they are. And while I am not against doing the same design as I did in June I did in fact do a Mickey and Pluto the last time, so it is off to figure out what to get my hands on this time.

I am thinking the Castle would be perfect. But then look, there is the mad tea party design. Clearly this is the most important thing to figure out here, forget packing.
Well maybe I will just hold out I mean I have time right?

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Jessica Holoka said...

That manicure is so adorable!