Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sucked in to the final rose.

Yep.  I did it again. I got sucked in. I really really didn't want to. After all, don't I always say and vow to let the series go for one reason or another. I don't like the choice in who they choose to be the bachelor/bachelorette. I find the whole thing ridiculous. I am to busy.

Yadda yadda yadda...

But we all know in the end I will break down and watch, I will recruit my husband to do the same, though in all fairness this season he thought Andi is beautiful and one of the better looking ones they had. Hmmm should I be worried?? And whether he wants to admit it or not, I secretly think he enjoys the show just as much as I do, and even I am reluctant to admit it from time to time.

And my thoughts on this season? Well they too seem much like the ones in the past. I wouldn't say I was in love with any of the men. OK this is a lie, I liked Marcus and Chris. I have a sneaky suspicion that Chris is the next Bachelor (yes!) but my opinion changed at Marcus's  lie detector results. And if you watched the Men Tell All special, I am pretty sure you know what I am referring to. If not, well your loss, though I will say 20 plus?? Honestly.

As for what I thought of her final two, and ultimately who she picked? I think Josh and Andi  made a beautiful couple, and we can all roll our eyes should they ever have babies because you can pretty much bank on some pretty babies. Which lets be honest, it is not far to the rest of us. Not to mention,the fact that they lived five minutes away from each other doesn't hurt in the whole how are we going to keep this long distance thing going question. Because if that is the case, well better luck finding someone who lives any closer to you. Though how they managed not to met before hand is beyond me. You can't tell me living that close to one another the duo didn't know at least one person in common??

While I know several people who loved Nick, I on the other hand wasn't in to him from the get go. There was just something that made me feel very uncomfortable around him. Though what that is, I do not know, but it was there. I do acknowledge the pair had some amazing chemistry and yes I do feel as though she did lead him on in a whole lot of ways, if she didn't feel that way, then why did she wait until the day of..Surely she knew when they were in his hotel room the night before. But this is not my concern, nor am I going to judge because that is not fair to assume I know how someone else who I have never met feels.

But congrats to the happy couple, lets face it the two looked extremely happy last night. To the point I really wanted to punch the guy if he smiled and kissed her one more time.

Lets just hope they are still smiling six months from now when the Bachelor begins.

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