Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's the final countdown-vacation here I come.

Five hours. That is all that stands between me and a week and a half of vacation.

Make that four hours and thirty minutes if you want to get technical.

Hard to believe all the planning, the packing and the endless amount of talk around the dinner tables between my parents, Anderson and I have come down to five hours. Hard to believe is right.

I know what your thinking, you guys go all the time, you should be pros at the whole 'We are going to Disney World.' trip. And in many cases you are absolutely right. We are. But here is the thing, this is the first time in four years that we have had more than just the three of us going. Which means there is a lot more involved than just making sure we know what we are doing. There is my nephew and my parents. And making sure everything runs smoothly. Its checking-and often double-checking that all of reservations including the hotel for the overnight stay in Savannah is good to go.

Its making sure we have everything, including things we hadn't originally thought about. Vitamins, extra cards. Entertainment for the boys during the car drive down. Etc. Etc. Yes planning for a trip with six people is a whole lot different than our usual 3.

Four hours and twenty nine minutes. I envy my husband who is technically already on his, though running around making sure everything is taken care of? Well that part I do not. I wish him luck. I am pretty sure right now he is trying to make his way around the city, grabbing things and preparing for a day of packing the car, gathering odds and ends-we did after all leave Oswald behind-a fact in which little man may not like, but oh well.

There is always something to worry about, will they have a good time. It's Disney, how can they not! It's making sure everyone drinks water, knows where every one is. And making sure they understand how to use the magicbands. Because the last time they were there, magicbands were merely a thought. It's making sure the boys don't kill each other in the process of the vacation.

I am sure it will all go well, do I expect it to go smoothly all the time? No not at all. I have been through enough to know something is bound to and will happen but in the end it will all be fine. I am sure I will have stories to tell, experiences to share and a whole lot of magic to bring back.

Until then....

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