Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My mom, a couple of thrill rides and a little Disney.

This is not my photo, I do not take credit for it.
Thrill rides and my mother, three words that do not go together at all. In fact when it comes right down to them, my mother tends to look the other way and not walk, but run right past them. She isn’t fond of heights, anything that moves fast and huge hills, which pretty much exclude just about every thrill ride. Hey, I suppose they aren’t for everyone.

How she managed to get three daughters however that flock to them is beyond me. 

Four years ago we took a family vacation to Walt Disney World, promising to not force anyone on any ride they didn’t want to go on. Still somehow my sisters convinced her to at least attempt Soarin’. Despite my efforts to warn them she would not like it. She ended up crying through the entire ride swearing to this day it was one of the worst things ever.

So you can imagine my surprise when she announced she was going to try it again when she came with us on this year’s summer trip. She was not only going to try Soarin’ but she wanted to give The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train a go.  I figured she would change her mind once we got there and actually saw it, because let’s face it she did swear never ever to get on it again. And I was not going to push for her to do it again if she didn’t want to. 

Still she insisted and we made our advanced Fastpass+ selection ahead of time-if you are planning on going to the parks, this is something I highly suggest you do. It is both a time saver and ensures you get the rides you want. For both attractions knowing full well she may back out and the Fastpasses would either have to be rearranged or go to waste. 

It was a risk we were all apparently willing to make. 

I will be honest however and say I had my doubts. I knew how much she hated the first go around. I didn’t think anything would change really. I held my breath as we pressed the Magic Bands up to the Fastpass reader and watched it light up. I wondered if she would back out at the last minute.

Perhaps it was the fact she did not want to disappoint my nephew and my son, or perhaps it was the fact she was determined to do it again. Or maybe she figured it was time to face her fears.  The reason in truth does not matter it is in fact of little importance, but what it important is this. My mom, the one who hates thrill rides and avoids them at all cost, not only sailed through Soarin’ but made her way on to The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as well. Yes there was some pretty touch and go moments there, especially when the coaster came to a stop halfway up the hill mid ride, but overall, she handled it like a pro.

She did this without shedding one tear. 

I fully realize Soarin’ on many accounts is by no means a thrill ride. It does not take you from turn to turn whipping you around but it does however bring you to new heights. And when it comes to “coasters” the Mine Train is calm. It’s also one of the most incredibly smooth ones I have been on and very much of a beginners coaster.

But to her, it was that and so much more. It was facing her fear head on and meeting the challenge and accepting it. Will she ever do them again? It remains to be seen. Perhaps once was enough.

Either way, seeing my mom get on the two rides and watching her reaction to the whole thing including how proud she was of the accomplishment was priceless in its own right.

And if you ask me? That is the sort of magical memories Disney vacations are made of.

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