Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And he is registered.

Rolling up to the school yesterday, my five year old son sat in the back seat looking around. To him it was like Christmas morning again. To me, it was the start of something more. He babbled on about the playground, about the school itself.

No, this was not the first day of school, yet if the emotions that were playing in my mind were any indication I don't even want to imagine what that day in the not so distant future anymore is going to be like. But it may as well have been.

We dropped off the paperwork, answered a couple of questions. I looked around, wondering when he grew up. When did I become a mom of a soon to be kindergartener. She asked if he was ready. Maybe the question should have been whether the mom that was sitting across from her was the one that was ready.

I said yes of course and she nodded good then showed us around, at the library his only worry was whether they had Star Wars books or not. At the gym, he just wanted to know if he could shoot a basketball. And in the music room he declared he loved music, which seemed to please the music teacher very much.And at the cafeteria, all he wanted to make sure they knew he couldn't have real milk. All of which seem to be pretty important to a five year old.

Afterwards we jumped back in the car and headed out. Little man just beaming...'That is a big school mommy.'

'Yes it sure is.'

'But you know, I think I like it. I will be just fine.'

Me too.. buddy. Me too.

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