Thursday, April 10, 2014

An odd feeling

Lets face it. We knew this was coming. We may have hoped, we may have held on to the little bit of faith that maybe just maybe we could make it into the playoff spot. But ultimately we knew it was going to not be a pretty ending to the season.

Still, it doesn't mean this an easy pill to swallow.  Especially considering for the past six years we have not known this feeling. Yes, we may have been on pins and needles waiting to hear if we made it through, each game meaning a whole lot more than the last. But it has not been this definite. Not in a good long while. I forgot almost what this feeling was like.

It is odd I will admit. I woke up this morning thinking, we have three games still to play. Three games which means little anymore. Come Sunday, the season is over, and we get to wait til October to even begin to think about making it to playoff hockey standards. Three...

I wondered if I even wanted to watch, does it matter at this point? But of course I knew I would.

And like many, I began to wonder and suspect things will change come, as soon as Monday more in likely. I have my predictions. Oates? McPhee? Quite possibly. Both. I am sure you will see a lot of players come and go. I do not expect the same team to be hitting the ice come training camp that we see on the ice at the moment. Perhaps its time. I think something needs to come if we ever want to be a contender. What that may be I am not exactly sure. But it has to.

The time for rebuilding needs to start again.
From scratch.

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