Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Disappointment. It comes in many forms, and usually when we least want it to. I am not immune to it and I have faced several of my own disappointments these days.

But the biggest one as of late came  Friday when my midterm exam grade was posted. Now before the grade was actually posted I felt pretty good about it. I studied, in fact I had even created a 7 page study guide and carried it around with me. I sat up at the campus for four hours before the exam with nothing but my books and notes on hand. And I studied. I came in to the exam saying I was going to rock it, because in all truth I felt like I knew it. I was going to do fabulous.

Apparently, not so much.

My heart sank at the grade. No I did not fail it, thank the Lord for that one. But lets just say I did  not rock it like I thought. In fact I may as well have flunked it by the outcome. In reality, I know the midterm which was only 25 questions and worth 75pts is not that big of deal. Not when your talking out of 500 points. But in a lot of ways I felt like I had failed.


And that was the biggest disappointment of all.

Better luck next time right?

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