Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Almost there.

Remember back in January, when I began the semester I swore it was going to be the longest one yet...funny thing happened. It is just about over.

I walked in last night, plopped my things down and prepared to sit through two groups presentation, the last of the semester. They were going to be long and boring because lets face it most of them are. Half of the class wasn't even going to show up I bet-later I found out they didn't.-and the other half would be pretending to pay attention when really they were more into their phones and laptops. And that was when it hit me, this was our final 'class' Sure there would be a review for the exam next week, with the exam the week to follow but that is it. No m ore papers to turn in or homework to rush home and do.

The semester is just about done. Imagine that.
One less to go.

In all honesty, I can't believe it has come to this already. A lot of things have happened in the past couple months, making January seem like ions ago. And yet it feels like it was just yesterday at the same time. Perhaps the classmate in front of me said it best when she said that every semester she feels like she is ready but the moment she walks through the doors she is done. But by the end of the semester she is already looking forward to the next. In a way, I am the same. I am now entering the final home stretch of my college career. And within three weeks I will begin my final countdown to 52 weeks before graduating....

Graduating. I never thought I would see it.

56 weeks and counting.

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