Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A quiet April.

April has just about come and gone. It seems I have neglected blogging. I guess you can say this hasn't been a stellar year in regards to blogging. Period. I have no excuse other than a lot of things have been going on, in work, in school and in the real world life. I admit something has to give, in this terms my writing.

Does the thought make me happy? No I find comfort in words and sitting behind the mask of them. But what happens when they don't come? When you have no energy for the thoughts, nor exactly know how to say them, when to say them and how to express them without getting to personal?

And believe me right now? That is exactly how I feel about them.

But I realize I started this blog with the promise of actually blogging, sharing and communicating it all to the world, including to both people I know and don't. Maybe at times, it is not as frequently as I would like, and maybe that is OK. There are far to many things that believe it or not are more important than rushing home and blogging about. Life happens outside the walls of social media.

All I ask, is that you bare with me. Things will be said when the time is right, and if it is alright. But until then. well until then hopefully May will bring some more creative writing and a better understanding of a lot of things....

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