Friday, March 7, 2014

Whenever, wherever.....I can write...well except..

I happen to like to write. Well, I suppose you already knew this. Along with my blog, I do creative writing, and I occasionally journal and I am always seem to be working on something.

Now given this fact, I always seem to have a sentence, or two or even three going on in my head. Often these thoughts lead to more and I frantically search for anything to write it down on. Lately they seem to be coming to me while I am on the metro, which means I nervously type them out on the notepad ap on my Iphone. And I wonder why my hand hurts by the end of the trip.

I usually have no problem writing anywhere or while doing anything. Most times.That is a fantastic thing about writing right? Inspiration can hit you at any time and there is always the ability to take your work wherever you go. I have no shame in admitting I have written at 2 AM in the middle of IHOP on a piece of crinkled up napkin, simply because inspiration hit at that very moment. It also happened to be some of my best work, but this is besides the point here.

 But last night as I sat down to start jotting down for a blogpost that I had promised myself I would get to back in February I discovered something. I can not write while a hockey game is going on.


Because as I was writing out what I was going to talk about-which yes was about Disney-my sentence which was supposed to look something like this:

Some prefer getting there the moment the rope drops rushing to their favorite......

turned into looking a whole lot like this:

Some prefer getting there the moment the  puck drops rushing as sticks fly.....

I did not realize I had even done it until I started reading things back. And there was this common theme throughout most of the post, hockey words were thrown in there much like the above happenings. I immediately tore up, erased everything and put away my writing vowing it will have to wait. 

Apparently I stand corrected I can write wherever and for the most part whenever.

Except when there is a hockey game going on.

Then I may as well forget it.

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